Full Residential 40 or 60 Year Search

A full 40 or 60 year residential search will provide the information necessary for any residential transaction which requires the client to go back at least 40 or 60 years, whichever time period is deemed necessary by client per lending or commitment instructions.


Full Commercial 60 Year Search

A full 60 year commercial search is for any property deemed commercial use. Each case is specific to the needs of the client, all structured around a 60 year time frame. 


Updates from a Prior Policy

These searches are specifically updated from a prior policy provided by the client. Please make sure to request whether or not items and/or exceptions stated in the policy provided will need to be acquired. 



Developer searches are performed instead of a full search in the event the client has already obtained back title to the subdivision and has previously concluded research from the time the property was considered the acreage tract. For these services, research commences from the last deed the property was acreage in the chain of title and then brought forward to the current effective date. 


Name Searches

Oftentimes, the name of an entity and/or potential buyer can change before the services are concluded. If for some reason additional names are needed to be checked for liens prior to the conclusion of a client transaction, these can be accommodated after the initial request as long as the order is placed 48 hours prior to closing. 


Miscellaneous Research

Faith S. LePrince, LLC will conduct case specific research, including but not limited to, researching for specific instruments for easement issues, probated estates, divorce decrees, deed and plat acquisitions, etc. As long as the client is specific and detailed with their request, most all information contained in the Register of Mesnes Conveyances or housed within the County Municipality Family, Probate and Clerk of Court can be obtained. 

NOTE: Faith S. LePrince, LLC does not specialize in heirs property research