Fees are based on the services requested. The following is a comprehensive list of all fees associated with the service(s) provided:

  • Full Residential 40 Year Search: $175.00 per chain of title
  • Full Residential 60 Year Search: $200.00 per chain of title
  • Commercial 60 Year Search (standard): $250.00 per chain of title (please see below for information on specialized commercial research)
  • Development Research: Specialized (please see hourly rates below)
  • Developer Search: $165.00 per chain of title
  • Builder Update: $50.00 (Builder Updates are individual resale updates within 30 days after the initial development work has been concluded and/or within 30 days since the last developer update has been completed by Faith S. LePrince, LLC. This price is only good on subdivisions that the client is currently representing the developer/builder and the original subdivision work was performed by Faith S. LePrince, LLC and currently being updated by Faith S. LePrince, LLC within a 30 day period. Price is subject to change if these requirements are not met).
  • Current Owner Search: $65.00-$125.00 (fee increases based on duration of ownership and amount of current owners of record) 
  • Update from Policy: $65.00-$250.00+ (starting price is $65.00 then increases up to $250.00 depending on the amount of property included in the policy (up to 4 parcels), the age of the policy, the amount of exceptions listed on the policy and how many transactions have been recorded since the policy effective date; please add $15 per each additional parcel listed on the policy after the initial 4 parcels listed above).
  • Name Searches: $30.00 per name of person/entity
  • Document Acquisition (deed, plat, mortgage): $10.00-$20.00 per document
  • Probate Acquisition: $20.00-$50.00 per file
  • Divorce Decree: $20.00-$50.00 per file
  • Gap Update (within 30 days of original effective date): $30.00 for Residential/$45.00 for Commercial/Per Parcel
  • Gap Update (within 45 days of original effective date): $45.00 for Residential/$65.00 for Commercial/Per Parcel
  • Gap Update (within 60-120 days of original effective date): $65.00 for Residential/$80.00 for Commercial/Per Parcel
  • Update to Record (within 30 days of original effective date; No hand delivery): $35.00/Per Parcel
  • Update to Record Same Day Request (upon approval; No hand delivery): $50.00/Per Parcel
  • Update and Record Fee in Charleston County: $50.00 (with a 48 hour notice)
  • Update and Record Fee in Berkeley County: $75.00 (with a 48 hour notice)
  • Copies: Copy costs are $0.50 per page. This is a county charge and is not subject to negotiation

If the search requested by the client appears to be extensive in nature and will require more time than the normal price/fee range(s) listed above, the fee associated with the research will be based by the hour. A minimum of 5 hours at $75 per hour will be charged for each request. Each additional hour is $50.00 and will be negotiated with the client before work is performed. The minimum turn-around period for these requests will be two weeks commencing a finalized fee agreement. Additional time may be required depending on the request and will be presented with the approximate rate for the requested research.

Leasehold Interests: If any interests by a Lessor/Lessee is required in a search request, the entity is searched in the same manner as a current owner of record and additional fees will apply (see above Current Owner Search rates). 

Government Owned Property: Any government entity owned property is subject to approval and considered specialized in nature. Due to the extensive nature of these requests, not all requests will be accepted.

Heirs Property: Due to the extensive nature and specialty of these requests, heirs property research is not an approved request at this time.

Recording charges listed above are for a 4 document maximum. Any hand delivery of recording packages that contain more than 4 documents will be charged a one and a half hour minimum for Charleston County at $75.00 and a three hour minimum in Berkeley County at $150.00.*

*Berkeley County recording fees include a two hour travel convenience charge; Above recording charges are with a 48 hour minimum notice; Any requests to update and record without a 48 hour minimum notice will be subject to approval and will be charged an additional $50.00 convenience fee. 

Both Charleston and Berkeley County day book records are now live time. For a flat rate (rates listed above) per county, the client can overnight the package directly to the RMC, in attention to the RMC, with all properly executed documents and checks to be recorded. The tracking number and list of documents can be emailed to me, and I can perform a remote update. Since this option is now available in both Charleston and Berkeley County, the above hand delivery recording charges are non-negotiable.

***Prices are subject to change